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​Wash & Fold Laundry Services - Laundry Drop Off

Tired of spending hours doing laundry? Other important tasks being put on hold because of not enough time? Super Saver is here to offer its drop off wash dry and fold service. Super Saver has multiple premier locations across Connecticut, with each location containing over 100 machines between washers and dryers to get the job done. Drop off your laundry today. By using premium brand name products, you can rest assure that your clothes will be taken care of.

When you bring your garments to our laundry drop-off location, we will separate the clothing into whites, lights and darks while maintaining that each piece of clothing is machine washable. Your clothing is kept separate from all other orders and is washed and dried in our industrial machines.

Have special instructions? Let us know and we are happy to deliver on any special request.

Don't have time to drop off your laundry? Check out our pickup and delivery service!