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Uniform Laundry Service offered at our various locations

At Super Saver, we understand the importance of having cleanly attire when working in a professional environment.  Let Super Saver take care of your uniform needs! We use a combination of enzyme de-greasers and detergents to take out those tough stains that would be tough for traditional detergents and fabric softeners to clean. Allergic to certain soaps and detergents? We work with the best hypo-allergenic soaps to take care of whatever your needs are! Not sure if your location is large enough to make it worth your while? Reach out to us and we can work with you to lower your laundry burden and let you get back to the more important things! 

Every load of laundry is handled with care. Once it has been washed and dried, each item is neatly folded/hung prior to delivery. If you are used to spending time and money cleaning all your uniforms in-house, let us take that headache away and get you back to work!