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​Commercial Laundry Services​ - Linen Service

Super Saver offers commercial laundry services! We have plenty of machines with industrial-sized loads that can handle whatever laundering needs you require! Our services range from hotels to hospitals and even Airbnb linens.

The following are some types of businesses that we offer our commercial laundry and linen services to:


Nothing is more important than clean uniforms and linens when taking care of patients in a medical facility... Clinics, Medical offices, Dental, Veterinarians and other private healthcare offices are some areas that we offer our services to.


Restaurants work hard to present a dining room full of crisp linens, but diners are messy and spills are common... Fine Dining, Catering, Country Clubs, Cafes.


With linens ranging from bed-sheets to towels, let us help with keeping them clean while you focus on delivering great hospitality... Hotels, Motels, Extended Stays.


Various businesses require their employees to wear uniforms as a sign of professional courtesy, let us help with keeping them clean...Industrial, Automotive, Business, Work Wear.

Recreational Facilities 

Offering towels to your clients is a great benefit until you need to clean them, allow us to expedite the cleaning process and make sure you are able to keep your customers happy... Gyms, Spas, Massage, Salons, Barbershops.


Utilizing your extra space to rent out is a great way to make an extra buck, but the added soiled towels and sheets can become a hassle. Let us alleviate that stress with our pick-up and delivery service by scheduling regular pick-up online.

Don't see your area as one of the commercial areas that are serviced, give us a call and we can work with you to getting  your needs met!